Corporate Finance Services - Project Finance

The biggest challenge in project funding is the plausibility of the assumptions underlying the future cash flows of the project.

Project finance is the long-term financing of self-contained and self-supporting projects, implemented and operated by a special project company established for this purpose (SPV). In contrast to traditional corporate finance, the lender's decision is not based on creditworthiness of the borrower or its owners but on the economics of the project.

Key decision basis for the investor is the business plan with an integrated planning. The future cash flows have to be broken down on the important parameters and underlying assumptions have to be examined for plausibility.

The peculiarity of project financing is its uniqueness and lack of comparability with other projects. In contrast to traditional financing processes NEROM selects appropriate funding partners in advance and clarifies the fundamental interest. We support you from creating a business plan through negotiations with the lenders until signing.