Company Acquisition

We enable growth through acquisitions.

Essential success factors in the performance of a structured purchase process are the identification of suitable target companies, the establishment of a position of trust with their owners and the creativity to find common solutions.

Your challenges

  • You want to grow through acquisitions, but cannot find any suitable targets.

  • Target companies may be known, but you have too little information or do not get in contact with the right persons.

  • You are busy with the operative business and need additional resources or a qualified sparring partner.

Our solution

  • We have the experience for efficient project preparation and execution from numerous projects.

  • We have the industry experience and access to a variety of sources and databases to identify target companies and source relevant information.

  • We manage to get in personal contact with the right people and create a trustful basis for discussion.

Company Sale

We sell companies.

Whether it is the decision to divest marginal activities or a classic succession issue, we will find a suitable buyer for your company. The essential factors for a successful company sale are the preparation of meaningful sales documents, the selection of likely prospective buyers and the creation of a trusting yet competitive negotiating environment.

Your challenges

  • You are looking for a long-term succession solution for your company and do not yet know how to approach the topic without unsettling customers and employees.

  • With the right partner, you could take your business to the next level, but you don't know how to find it.

  • The decision to sell a division has been made. But you don't have the resources to negotiate with several potential buyers to achieve an optimal result.

Our solution

  • We have the experience for optimal project preparation from a large number of completed transactions.

  • We know how to identify potential buyers and get in touch with them in a trustworthy way.

  • We manage to strike a balance between trust and competition in negotiations.

  • We are very familiar with the possible stumbling blocks in the course of a sales process and find creative solutions for different interests in order to reach a successful conclusion of the sale.

Corporate Finance

We structure optimal financing.

Financing is always in the area of tension between costs, risk and control. We set ourselves the goal of establishing an optimal combination of different capital sources in order to keep costs, risk and the surrender of control rights as low as possible.

Your challenges

  • Your current financing structure needs to be adapted to changed framework conditions.

  • You are planning a major investment or acquisition and need additional capital.

  • You are planning to take over the shares of a co-partner and need financing for this.

Our solution

  • We take a holistic view of the financing issue and that is how we approach the process.

  • Our structuring aims to achieve secure financing for your company at the most attractive conditions possible.

  • We have personal contact with a large number of equity, debt and mezzanine capital providers.

Corporate Valuation

We value companies.

Whether in M&A transactions as support for a purchase or sale decision, as part of a fairness opinion or in the event of a squeeze-out: the valuation of a company often plays a decisive role. We work as generally sworn and court-certified experts for both public and private clients and create valuation reports and fairness opinions based on recognized methods and the latest scientific findings.

Your challenges

  • A change of shareholders is imminent and you need an objective assessment of the valuation of the company shares.

  • You are planning to buy or sell a business and need an independent valuation to help you make a decision.

  • There is a company valuation, but you want a qualified second opinion from an independent expert.

  • You are interested in what a company is currently worth or in what range a purchase price in line with the market lies.

Our solution

  • We can draw on an extensive database of valuation-relevant market parameters.

  • We have built up in-depth theoretical knowledge of a large number of special cases.

  • We have many years of practical experience in the preparation and argumentation of valuation reports and fairness opinions.

  • We can provide a sound expert opinion that meets all legal requirements within a very short time.